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 Coat of Arms

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 Coat of Arms

Braithwaite Coat of Arms
by the Braithwaite Family Organization (BFO), July 2011

The Braithwaite Coat of Arms has been used by members of the Braithwaite family of England for hundreds of years. It is described as follows in these two well-known and respected heraldic publications:

The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, And Wales, by Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms, London, England. First Edition: 1842; Used Edition: 1884, page 115: “Braithwaite ([of] High Wray, co. Lancaster [Lancashire County, England]). [Shield:] Gu. on a chev. ar. three crosses crosslet fitchee sa. Crest—A greyhound counchant ar. collared and chained gu.”

Translated, the above description reads: “A shield of red containing a chevron design of silver (that is frequently represented by white), with three black crosses having the lower part sharpened to a point; and a crest containing a greyhound of silver or white that is lying down and which is collared and chained in red”.

Fairbairn’s Book of Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland, by James Fairbairn, and later revised by Lawrence Butters), London, England. First Edition: 1859; Used Edition: 1905, page 71, contains two entries for the surname Braithwait or Braithwaite:

“Braithwait, on a mount vert, a greyhound couchant”. Two Plates (or drawings) are then referenced to this entry: Plate cf. 60.1--which contains a drawing of the greyhound lying down; and Plate cf. 68.7—which contains a drawing of a vertical mount (or small hill on which crests are frequently represented). Translated, the above description reads: “A crest containing a vertical mount (or small hill) and a greyhound that is lying down.”

“Braithwaite, Robert, 26, Endymion Road, Brixton Hill, S.W. [Endymion Road, Brixton Hill, Lambeth, London, England], a greyhound couchant arg., collared and chained or. Sub cruce salus.” Translated, the above description reads: “A crest containing a greyhound of silver (which is frequently represented by white) that is lying down and which is collared and chained in gold (which is frequently represented by yellow)”. The phrase “Sub cruce salus” means “Salvation under the cross”.

Braithwaite Family Organization (BFO) Coat of Arms: In July 2011, the Braithwaite Family Organization (BFO) commissioned Julie Rebecca Thorup, a graphic-artist living in Utah, to create a professional looking Braithwaite Coat of Arms. Using well-known heraldic symbols and historical documents, Julie incorporated Braithwaite family art and designs into her drawing, which resulted in a Braithwaite Coat of Arms that was true to its heraldic past while presenting a new and vibrant display of Braithwaite family heritage and tradition.